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General Arthur St Clair's daughter Louisa

What a fascinating story about the General's daughter.  I'm sure your
readers will want to know
more about this rumbustious girl who, having failed to marry Brandt, the
son of the Six Nation's Chief
of that name (because of her father's objections) eventually married a
Samuel Robb in the
Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania.  It is not known if they had any children.

She died on the 27th May, 1840 aged 68 years.

Apart from Louisa who was born in 1772, the General had several other

								John Murray who was born in 1762 married Jane Parker
								Daniel who was born in 1764 (who named one of his 
										daughters after his sister, Louisa). He marrried 
										Rachel, the daughter of Dr Robert Shannon.
								Arthur St Clair who was born in 1766. Became a lawyer.
								Elizabeth who was born in 1768 who married 1) Captain John
										Lawrence and 2) Colonel Vance
								Jane who was born in 1774 and married a Samuel Jervis.
								Margaret who was born in 1776 thought to have died in 1790

Decendants of the above children reached prominent positions

An article on General Arthur St Clair will appear in the series about
prominent Sinclairs/St Clairs.

Niven Sinclair								

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