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Re: Another version of the St. Clair story

The indica leave this account without the ring of truth. The name Guillermus
de Santos Claira is (William of St Clair) is known to the Mayor of St
Clair-sur-Epte. Across the Epte on the French side the French fortress Les
Andeyls, never in Sinclair or Viking hands, thought to be totaly safe it
dominates the crossing of the Epte.  The river Epte whist not a roaring
flood is not that easly forded.  A  large two lane bridge  crosses just west
of the town it joins Bordeaux St Clair(Norman) with St
Clair-sur-Epte(French). I have fished the Elle, nothing but chub and carp,
it is smaller than the Risle and much smaller that the Epte but it does not
disappear in to cow ponds. .....Mauger (our ancestor) if he were a Bishop he
would or should have been celibrate. Once ordained a priest the vows are for
life. If you would like I will sometime over the summer I will go look at St
Lo. Rollo as well as Duke was also Count a few times over.  The Earl of
Caithness has many titles he uses his highest title. Some lessor titles a
given to family members for one reason or the other.

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Subject: Another version of the St. Clair story

> In the "Sword and the Grail" by Andrew Sinclair pg. 27, there is another
> version of this story on St. Clair.
> It is said here that he was a Scotsman called Guillermus or William, a
> favorite Christian name of the later Lords of Rosslyn.  He lived at the
> beginning of the seventh century...... He was beheaded for condemning the
> sins of a local lady.......  And across the Epte, the Møre cousins who
> left to guard the borders against a French attack from Paris took the name
> of St. Clair and built a castle with a round keep.  Its ruins still
> the lush cornfields that roll down to the little river (Epte) that runs
> the Seine.
> There's something off the subject that I find interesting in Andrew's
> pg. 28. "The Bruce family, which had also accompanied Rolf (Rollo)  from
> Orcadian Isles, was given grants in the Contenin."
> Andrew says that from the beginning Rollo was called a Duke but on a
> website it was said that the 911 treaty made Rollo the Count of Rouen. The
> title of Duke wasn't used until after 1006 AD.  I wonder whether he might
> have called himself a Count before the treaty and then became the Duke.
> Anyone have info?
> Back to the Sword and the Grail pg. 28
> "William Longsword (s/o Rollo)'s son Richard who had a son Richard who had
> son Mauger.....Mauger (our ancestor), was the first to take the title of
> Count de St. Clair.  After serving as the Archbishop of Rouen, he was
> the jurisdiction of the town of Saint Lo and the land to the north between
> the rivers Vire and Elle.  He built a castle and a church in his domain.
> giving his foundations the name of St. Clair and himself the title.  The
> castle was to be destroyed in the Hundred Years' War, the church to be
> rebuilt in the 19th century, and the river Elle itself to disappear in
> cattle ponds.  Another neglected healing well still survives there (St.
> in a stew of mud, neglect and nettles."
> Now St. Lo  is quite a distance mostly straight west of St. Clair sur
> Laurel
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