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Re: General Arthur St Clair's daughter Louisa

At 19:18 07/06/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Niven,
>In your email about the General's children you did not mention Arthur St.
>Clair Jr. He married Frances Stahl and had numerous children.  Arthur Jr.
>was the 1st Attorney General of what is now Cinncinnati, OH.  Cinncinnati
>was named by Gen. St. Clair for the Order of the Cinncinnati, an
>organization formed by Gen. George Washington and a few of his buddies after
>the American Revolution.  Of which the membership had been held by the male
>descendants of Arthur St. Clair Jr. for 5 generations.  Arthur Jr.'s
>grandson, William St. Clair was a prominant minister of the
>Methodist/Episcopal faith in the mid 1800s and then he became a prominant
>Doctor in the state of Illinois where he resided in Effingham,IL.  His son,
>Charles St. Clair was also a prominant physician in Colorado and was one of
>the first graduates of the Colorado University of Medicine.  (He was my
>great-grandfather).  If you would like further information on this line
>please feel free to contact me at mlb61@gateway.net.
>Michelle L. Brown
>Littleton, Colorado
Apologies for omitting Arthur Junior who, as you say, married Frances Little or Styal by whom
he had:

Arthur who married Mary, the sister of Senator Lane >
> Margaret Balfour who married George W. Tabscott
Frances who married a Mr Mayo
Laura who remained single
Eliza who remained single.

Your additional information is invaluable.  We need to find someone who will bring the Sinclair history (and by this
I also mean the para-genetic Sinclairs) up to date because we owe as much (if not more) to those of matrilineal
descent than we do to those who are nominally Sinclairs but who have not necessarily inherited the drive and tenacity
which has been the hallmark of the family for over a thousand years.  Your own family history demonstrates this and,
to my mind, demonstartes the absurdity of wives having to take their husbands names

That which is born in the bone can never be driven out of the blood.

Very many thanks.  It is just this kind of additional informatiion which makes the Sinclair pages so interesting and
stimulating.  Your contribution brightened my day.  I loved it.  Factual, positive, rightly proud of a singular contribution
to American history, in general, and to Cinncinnati, in particular.  Major General Arthur St Clair was a comrade of Washigton
as was that great agriculturalist, Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, who founded the Department of Agriculture under
William Pitt, the Younger.  I have a book with his correspondence with Washington and another book with his correspondence
with other Heads of State.  On a visit to Sweden (where Sinclair descendants live to this day) Sir John was told: "I hope the
name of Sinclair, by valour eternised in Schweden*, gives to this, its second native country, a proof of its wish that the
happiness of Mankind may increase".

* This was a reference to the courage of Major Malcolm Sinclair who was murdered by the Russians and to whom the
   Swedes erected a monument.  An article about Major Sinclair will appear in the next issue of "Yours Aye".  An article
   on Sir John Sinclair will be included in the series on notable Sinclairs.  This may take some time because I have a thriving
   business to run which occupies a great deal of each day.  Nevertheless, it will be done.

Niven Sinclair
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