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To All Users

This is a brief reminder that there is now a new Website that will interest you -http://www.clansinclairusa.org>  This has been created because of the large amount of interest in Clan Sinclair USA, the organization of Sinclairs in the U.S.
The site will be linked to an interesting variety of other Scottish sites.
The site will focus on current events involving Sinclairs as well as farther out events such as the Millennium Gathering planned for Sinclairs in Scotland in July of 2000.  The host for this latter event will be Lord Malcolm Sinclair, Earl of Caithness and Hereditary Clan Chief.  It is being coordinated in the USA by Clan Sinclair USA.
It will also feature special articles written by  the  Chief Malcolm Sinclair and stories of Sinclair history written by our Clan Historian, Laurel Fechner.
It also includes  information about how to join the Association, thereby supporting a variety of interesting Sinclair activities.  Over 600 Sinclairs and Septs currently belong.  The organization was founded in 1978.
The site  was put together and is being managed by Mary Selver, Secretary-Treasurer, with assistance from Paul Sinclair of Richmond, manager of the Guest Book on the Quarterman site.  I  wish to express my personal thanks to John Quarterman for helping us transition to this new site.  The two sites will be linked and John will continue to do his great job of covering a multiplicity of Sinclair matters from a world-wide perspective.
With Best Scottish Wishes
Brad Sinclair Barker
Clan Sinclair USA