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Question about our mail list Archive

I was wondering if the entries in the subject area of messages sent to the 
list are particularly important when the archive is searched?

In some instances where I have found stray Sinclair information that was not 
particularly helpful to me, but which I thought someone else might find 
useful, I made a point of putting both the area and the name is the suject 
area of the summary message sent to the list.

I don't know if it makes a difference or not when the archives are searched 
by someone, but I was thinking the area name in the subject might make it 
easier for the search procedure to turn up items that relate to a specific 

The question came up with the recent submittal regarding Australia.  The 
information was of a type the would be nice to have sitting in our archive.  
Someone might be able to use the information, connect to it, or add to it.  
But if someone were searching on the term "Australia" in our archive, would 
the recent tread come up on the search?  Would it be more likely to come up, 
and therefore get to a future researcher, if there was something in the 
message subject note to indicate connection with Australia?  Perhaps Paul is 
the one to help on this?

Kailua, Hawaii
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