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Re: Laurie Sinclair and this horse Norseman.

Hello Ray,
             Thanks for that info. I already have a copy of the descendant chart that you posted last week. I'll keep it filed away for future reference, but I don't see any connections to my line, yet.
My GG Grandfather was Robert Sinclair, he came to Aussie in the 1850's. he married Ellen Garrett in Melbourne 1855. He was a gold miner. His marriage certificate states his parents as William and Ann ( Couts) Sinclair and he was born in Lerwick, Shetland approx 1824.
I haven't had any success with locating the family in Shetland. Roberts occupation was Mariner on M certificate, so the family may have settled else where before he came to Australia.Can't find Roberts entry to Australia from the shipping lists. Maybe he jumped ship.Very frustrating, but lot's of fun trying to piece the puzzle together.
Ann ( Sinclair) Geisler
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Laurie:  The Laurence in question is a descendant of Thomas Sinclair of
Skelberry (I think that spelling is correct) and his extended family wound up in crofts at Dunrossness before several of the sons set sail for W.A.  I can send you a descendant chart if this line interests you.  I did the workup based on information from my pen pal, Val Sinclair-Stewart, who lives in Fremantle.  She has a raft of Sinclair men in her early lines in the 17 and early 18 hundreds in Shetland, and quite a few daughters marrying into Irish and Shetland families.
Glad to finally find someone who might use the information. 
Aye yours, Ray Lower