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Sinclairs in Morrow Co OH 1850 Census

The following Sinclairs are listed on the (partial) index to the 1850 Morrow Co. OH Census:
Name / (Age) / Twp (Abbreviation)

Sinclair Adaline (9)                                       WF 13b
Sinclair Caroline (7)                                      WF 13b
Sinclair Earnest (11)                                     WF 13b
Sinclair Eliza (9)                                             HA 30b
Sinclair Hannah (55)                                      HA 30b
Sinclair Israel (36)                                          HA 30b
Sinclair John (12)                                           HA 30b
Sinclair L.A. (5)                                               WF 13b
Sinclair L.A. (37)                                             WF 13b
Sinclair Richard (7)                                         HA 30b
Sinclair Ruth (57)                                            HA 30b
Sinclair Samuel (71)                                       HA 30b
Sinclair W.D. (44)                                           WF 13b
St. Clair Amos (30)                                       GL 495a
St. Clair Jane (31)                                         GL 495a
St. Clair William (2)                                       GL 495a
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