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The Orkney Sinclairs

My name is Margaret Rosalind Ellis (Nee Sinclair) and I live In Lincolnshire, U.K.
I have, just recently, started to try and trace my ancestors.
If anyone can help me with more facts, these are my presently known details:-
My father was James Irvine Sinclair and was born in St. Margaret's Hope, Orkney on 23rd. May 1909.
I believe he was one of 19 children. Many died young, some during wars.
His mother's maiden name was Mary Jane Norquoy from Norway.
His father's name was Robert Anderson Sinclair who was also born in Orkney.
My father James had a brother, Robert, who emigrated to Dunedin in New Zealand in approx.. 1920.
He also had a sister, Mary Jane, who emigrated to Brisbane, Australia in approx.. 1920. As far as we know, Mary married someone named Whitmee.
Another sister, Maggie, lived in St. Margaret's Hope all her life and died in approx. 1992.
I would appreciate it if religion could be kept out of any replies!