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Re: bow out?

Dear Friend Niven,

As always your eloquence and insight surpasses my own vision. As to my own
work, I concur completely with your views and suggestions if they are
agreeable with the others. I perceive a bright, clear core of sacred Light
within the Clan and feel that members should have a "safe" area to express
what they see as beautiful and sacred, particularly relevant to Clan
interest. My own view is that this is really the life and vitality within
the Clan's collective spirit ...vital Essence. I would take it further as
you know and stress its importance within Clan Sinclair especially. Every
persons' sense of the Holy is critically important, particularly now. There
will be those who will see the wonder of it all and move with that. All
views are important and we need only cut the other person the slack to
express his or her thoughts.

I personally do not separate the Sacred from religion, even dogma as long as
the participants view that as sacred. (My church is independent Catholic,
does not permit dogma.) But your idea of separating them would work well I
would think.  Perhaps a clear statement by John and Laurel preceding each
section would ease the grief, opening it to positive expressions of belief
without having to worry about them being agreeable to everyone.

"Uamau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono."  ...The life of the land is perpetuated
in Righteousness. I would be very pleased to remain a part of the big event.



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