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Re: The Orkney Sinclairs

    I believe that you may desend from the same line that I do.  My great 
grandfather Alexander Sinclair was born in OrkneyJan. 2, 1872 in St. 
Margaret's Hope and had a brother Robert who was born Jan. 1, 1869 in St. 
Margaret's Hope.  There were 12 children in Robert's and Alexander's family.  
Let me know if you think this is the same family.   I have attached a copy of 
their parents 50th aniversary article.  Hope we find the link.   I was told 
by a 90 year old man in St. Margaret's Hope last year that one of the 
Sinclairs married a Norquay.  If this is the same family, I have some 
pictures I would be happy to share.                       Marilyn
>From a newspaper article from the Orkney Islands-


	Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinclair, Oyce, attained their jubilee of marraiage on Wednesday of this week, having been married by Rev. Peter G. Gilrath, parish minister (who died this month) on 16th June 1859.  As Mr. Sinclair went to the island of Swona for his better half, Miss Allan, the marriage ceremony took place there.  This created no small stir, as there had been no such ceremony on that island within the memory of the inhabitants of that time.  Mrs. Sinclair's brother still resides in Swona, while she has a widowed sister in St. Margaret's Hope.  The happy pair were both of the same age, 26, when united together and have now reached the ripe age of 76 years.  They have spent those fifty years in peace and prosperity; all of their friends and well-wishers desire that their latter end may be even better than their beginning; and they have received many tokens of friendship and goodwill from far and near on this auspicious occasion.  It should be mentioned that Mr. Sinclair like all who bear that ancient and honoured name, represents a branch of the famous "St. Clairs of the Isles."  Belonging to his family were eight brothers, namely, Malcolm, Alexander, John, James, George, William, Isaac, and Robert.  Only two are still alive- Alexander who has for a number of years resided in Galt, Toronto,  and Robert, whose golden wedding has just taken place.  George Sinclair was well known as the respected postmaster of St. Margaret's Hope, while William and Isaac were farmers at Lower and Upper Olad, and John at Gard, near to one another.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sinclair have had a large family of eleven children, while 5 sons and 5 daughters are still alive, some of them being abroad.  There is one in Africa, one in Australia, two in America, two in Liverpool, one in Glasgow, one in Barbsley, Yorkshire, and one at home.  As far as grandchildren, they number eighteen.  At present the aged couple are cheered and comforted by the presence of their son, William along with his wife from New York, who have timed their visit for this happy event.  Old Mr. Sinclair in his younger days was very fond of music and for 14 years was the precantor of St. Mary's Kirk under the Rev. Messre??(hard to read copy), Walker and Forbes.  And for 14 years he resided in Olad- 1861-1875- before he came to his present residence.