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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Greta Huhtala ]

Author:   Greta Huhtala  
Reply-to: mailto:koehns@home.net
Location: Fremont, CA USA
Date:     Thursday, May 27, 1999

What a wonderful site! I had no idea the family history is so extensive.  
My greatgrandfather was James Sinclair,a native of Scotland, Born March 24, 1821.  Family legend is that he and two brothers left Scotland; one went to New England, another went to Virginia, two sisters settled in Boston.   James went to California about the time of the 1849 gold rush, by ship, which was wrecked off the coast of South America, near an island. He survived, and made it to the San Francisco bay area.  My mother has a box that he supposedly kept his ship's log in -- he may have been a professional sailor or captain. He married Elizabeth Kell at Mission San Jose in 1859, and became a farmer. He had red hair and piercing blue eyes, and was fiercly stern. He and his wife had 15 children. He may have been from the Orkney Island area.  Any clues as to the names of his brothers, parents, historical events that might have led to his emigration would greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for this opportunity! 

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