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Re: testing a new discussion site idea-please read this

Dear Margaret,
                     For the first time ever, here I am at 0200 hrs sitting 
at my computer. It seems impossible to get to sleep, so I thought I'd try and 
get tired by doing something.....hope you can put me to sleep!  I've been 
working very hard for the last couple of weeks getting our garden cleaned up 
from the usual winter growth of weeds etc.  Usually I just let it go until 
the Spring and then when the weather warms up I start in and clean up.  
Perhaps the time has come to hire a gardener!  You know how we Scots 
are....it's usually easier to do it yourself than tell someone how to do it 
and then have to pay them too!  Mary's Irish and she is like this too, so we 
both have to change.  I answered your Mum a couple of days ago.  It was good 
to 'see' her on line.  When over in U.K., later will tell Niven of how 
interested you are in the family, and see what transpires.  He does an awful 
lot of communication with his wide range of interests, and I imagine has to 
conserve his energies to some degree.  Will send over the second page.  If 
you have a FAX machine, I'll send it to you that way, so give me your number 
if available.  Our number here is 415-454-1318., that's our computer number 
too, so if I'm on line, then you'll have to wait till I finish.  If  you 
don't I"ll just send it by snail mail.  That's it for the moment, I think 
after I read some more messages I"ll be able to sleep.  All the best.  Donald 
James Henderson Sinclair. 
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