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Re: bow out?

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At 22:10 26/05/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Laurel, John,
>In view of the current flap re those offended by religious/ spiritual
>beliefs, where it seems so minor to me it does not to others ...I would not
>be offended if you ask me to quietly bow out. If anyone gets far enough into
>my stuff I see they could have a whole lot of heart-burn. I can personally
>handle a few offended persons but I absolutely do not wish to be an
>embarrassment to the Clan at large or to you folks and your project.
>Blessings Be...

Suggest a separate point of contact for spiritual matters (which we all
need) as opposed to
religious dogma.

Your views are light years ahead of simple souls like ourselves who may
have 'gut' feelings
about our broader spiritual relationship with the planet a.k.a the Universe
but who are unable
(or unwilling) to grasp the reality of our inter-dependence  with all
living things; our past
existences or our future lives.
Religion can be divisive except in its historical context when it can be
wholly relevant because of its unfettered power and undue influence on the
lives of poor mortals who had to
bow the head, bend the knee or perish.  The World is strewn with corpses in
the defence
of this or that religion.

We Sinclairs always believed that God and Nature was ONE.  That was the
message which Earl William Sinclair left when he built Rosslyn Chapel and
it is a message which we ignore
at our peril.


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