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video/film documentaries?

Greetings to all...

I am not from Sinclair lineage, though the history of your clan is most
fascinating.  I have only just begun to unravel the various connections
with the Templars, Masons, Rosslyn Chapel, Prince Henry's New World
voyage(s), Oak Island, etc.  Each pull of this thread brings in so much
more to explore.  I am a Mason -- my daughter recently joined Rainbow for
Girls along with her best friend down the street.  I discovered just last
week that her friend's grandmother (Eastern Star) is a Sinclair and
regularly receives the clan newsletter!  I had a very nice discussion with
her and her husband regarding Prince Henry.

More to the point:  I am considering the possibility of shooting a
documentary about Prince Henry Sinclair's New World explorations.  I'd
like to find out if any such work has already been done.  Does anyone

Please understand that I am not particularly interested in the commercial
potential of such a film.  I am a college professor in the field of video
production and media arts.  If I were to attempt this documentary, it
would be as a sabbatical project in order to maintain professional
skills.  I really hadn't considered this until after I was well into
researching the Templars for my own enjoyment.  I was stunned that I'd
never heard of Prince Henry's voyages before -- this is a huge part of
North American history that the general public seems to know nothing

I honestly don't know if I would be able to take on such a project, but I
can't help thinking about the possibility.  As I mentioned above, I'd
appreciate any knowledge of existing video or film documentaries about
Prince Henry Sinclair and related subjects (or even any fictional works).
I'd also welcome your thoughts as to the creation of such a project.

Michael Petros
Associate Professor, Media Arts
Glendale Community College, California, USA

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