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Donald Sinclair - Katharine Clark - Argyll to Canada?

Hi Toni and all!

Quick message while I wait for AJ to get off the hockey rink -

Posting this to the list in hopes of someone having seen these names before.

I am wondering what happened to the following family.  All the girls were
born at Auchindrain, Inveraray, Argyll.  I have searched the surrounding
area and through the years but have never seen anything else on this family.
Wondered if they happened to go to Canada??  Ring any bells with anyone?

Donald Sinclair and Katharine Clark

Annie - born 25 May 1815
Mary - born 11 May 1817
Annie - born 20 Jun 1819
Margaret - c 30 Sep 1821
Janet - c 25 Jan 1824

Around this time Auchindrain had three possibly four Donald Sinclair's in
residence -  I have tracked one (married to Mary Mitchell) to Glassary.  His
death certificate states his parents are John Sinclair and Betty Sinclair ms

Another Donald married Margaret Walker and had three daughters (that I have
found so far)

Christine b 17 Dec 1799
Elizabeth b (can't recall date at moment)
Catharine b 8 Apr 1804

Very interested in this Donald!  Think he maybe the son of John Sinclair and
Christian McCossom - but no proof.  If he is their son then he was in the
Volunteers at this time.

Well hockey is done - off to baseball.  Just thought I'd put the names out
there and see what happens!

Have a great day all...


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