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Re: sinclair in

At 15:58 19/05/99 -0400, you wrote:
>My daughter lives in n.s. canada, she sent me a photo of sinclair in she
>founds there somebody that knows the place,the owner was frederick
>sinclair that diedJan.23,1801.
There are so many Sinclairs in Nova Scotia that I am sure Jerry Soulier
will get a reply about
the Sinclair Inn which her daughter found.

On the other side of the Atlantic in Norway there is Verthusen SINCLAIR in
Kvam which is about midway between Trondheim and Oslo.  It is run by a Jon
Selfors who will give any
Sinclair a warm welcome and a history lesson about the time the Sinclairs
landed there
on their way to help King Gustav Adolphus of Swden and were massacred for
their pains.
This was a double tragedy because Romsdal is the area in Norway from where
our ancestor Rogenwald 'the Mighty' came.

Our name, of course, comes from St Clair-sur-Epte which wqas the place that
Rogenwald's son, Hrolf 'the Ganger' signed the Treaty with Charles 'the
Simple' of France.  There are,
however, many other places in France called St Clair or St Clare which I
will list on another

I am indebted to Roland St Clair for his meticulous research into the St
Clair family and for
the following information which should be of interest to Sinclairs (and
para-genetic) Sinclairs everywhere.

There is the Barony of St Clare in Wales;  Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe
and Sinclair Bay in Caithness, Scotland,  Sinclairstown ( a suburb of
Kirkcaldy in Fife),  Sinclairstown (a suburb of Copenhagen), Lake St Clair
in Tasmania,  Sinclair Head, Sinclair Mount and the favourite marine resort
of St Clair in New Zealand.

In the New World, we find Lake St Clair, the River St Clair and St Clair
County in Michigan and Canada; St Clair County in Missouri; St Clair County
in Illinois; St Clair County in Alabama; Santa Clara County in California.

there are also many towns:

						Saint Clair, Lowndes County, Alabama
						Saint Clair, Crittenden County, Arkansas
						Santa Clara, santa Clara County, California
						Saint Clair, Burke County, Georgia
						Saint Clere, Pottawatomie county, Kansas
						Cinclere, West Baton Rouge County, Louisiana 
						St Clair Springs, St Clair County, Michigan
						Saint Clair, Blue Earth County, Minnesota
						Saint Clair, Franklyn County, Missouri
						Saint Clair, Cascade County, Montana
						St Clair, Antelope County, Nebraska
						St Clair, Churchill County, Nevada
						Sinclairville, Chautauqua County, New York
						St Clara, Franklin County, New York						
						St Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio
						St Clair, Columbiana County, Ohio
						St Clair, St Clair County, Michigan
						Upper St Clair, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania
						St Clair,  Alleghany County, Pennsylvania
						St Clairsville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
						Saint Clair, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
						Sinclair, Lexington County, South Carolina
						St Clair, Hawkins County, Tennessee
						Santa Clara, Washington County, Utah
						St Clair, Smyth County, Virginia
						St Clair, Doddridge County, West Virginia
						Sinclair, Preston County, West Virginia
						Sanata Clara, Brown County, South Dakota

Schools, parks, squares, hotels and streets in cities all over the World
bear the name of Sinclair in honor of some member of this incredible family.

Let us be worthy of that heritage.

Niven Sinclair

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