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Re: sinclair in

Hi Gerald:
the Sinclair Inn you mention is well  known to us in Clan Sinclair (Canada).
It was written up in  Roslin O' Roslin, our quarterly newlsletter in  the
Winter 1997 issue.  It is an important "document" in the history of building
in Canada --- In the 1780's the tavern keeper, Frederick Sinclair created
the Inn by combining two existing structures.  One of them was originally
owned by William Skene, a surgeon from Boston who was also a Mason.  His
house and hence the Sinclair Inn, is pointed out as the meeting place of the
first Masonic Lodge in what is now Canada.  Both houses were frame
construction and the walls of one of them was filled with wattle and daub,
the insulation material of choice in Acadia and New England in the 17th and
19th Centuries.  Sinclair Attempted to give this union certain Georgian
features of symetry and classical detail.  It was restored in 1982 and the
buildilng stands as a rich composite of materials techniques and styles
spanning three centuries.   It is a designated National Historic Site.
Yours Aye,                       Rory
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>My daughter lives in n.s. canada, she sent me a photo of sinclair in she
>founds there somebody that knows the place,the owner was frederick
>sinclair that diedJan.23,1801.

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