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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Kathleen Sinclair Trappen]

Author:   Kathleen Sinclair Trappen 
Reply-to: mailto:trappen@webnexus.com
Location: San Jose, CA USA
Date:     Thursday, May 20, 1999

I am very happy to see changes taking place, making it easier to find information you need. I want to update info I believe I entered earlier (4/5 ?) I stated Harry Ford Sinclair was a brother to my GGGrandfather William Hampton Sinclair.  It's  been brought to my attention that Harry Ford Sinclair was born two generations later. Harry Ford Sinclair (Sinclair Oil Co.) was born 1876.(My Grandfather Samuel Hampton Sinclair was born 1875.) I also was told that my branch of Sinclairs migrated from Ireland - not Scotland. The states my relatives lived in, (during the time frame of 1853 - 1875)were Ohio,Missouri & Idaho.
Does anyone have something to add?

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