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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Jen St. Clair]

Author:   Jen St. Clair 
Reply-to: mailto:1jens1@mailcity.com
Location: Fredericktown, Oh
Date:     Monday, May 17, 1999

I am really intrigued by the breadth of the family information that is being shared here. Hope someone can help me! I just got started trying to do a geneaology on my father's side of my family. My grandfather was Walter St. Clair. He was born or at least raised in Plymouth Ohio. I believe he was born August 23, 1911, and I know that he married twice. My grandmother- Rita (Hoffman) St. Clair was his second wife. I also know that his mother was named Grace St. Clair, though I don't know her maiden name. I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give. THANKS! 

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