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Re: George F. Black's Summary on the Sinclair Name

NIVEN ----

I appreciate your response to my posting . I may ???? be descended from the 
Wales area Sinclairs ?

At least that is an old Family tradition . At this time , I don't know 
whether my William B. Sinclair , his wife , both or neither of them were 
WELSH  . However , there is a group of settlers that came from Wales in 1701 
and settled where VIRGINIA SINCLAIR and William Sinclair supposedly lived  in 
the1800's i.e. the " Welsh Tract" of New Castle County , Delaware , USA  . 

WM. Sinclair stated on all the documentation that I have so far found , that 
he was from " ENGLAND ". I suppose that would include WALES in the 18th 
century terminology ?

I think that he was relatively " high born " since tradition is that he was 
disowned for marrying far below his station , to a servant of his family i.e. 
his first wife who died in childbirth .

As for the list , we don't seem to discuss the French , English , or Welsh 
all that much and I am as curious about them as about he Scottish branches of 
the family .

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