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To all of you

According to the Morrison book there was already a baronial castle there at
this village around which was some sort of village which would have supplied
its needs.  Perhaps the village was there before the castle--but that I
don't need to know.  I'm sure it had a name before Clare got there.  Thanks
for the Neustria.  I' ll see whether I can get Sindy to insert that into the
St. Clare, the Headless Hermit article coming out in the Fall.  Hope all of
you who are even the least interested in your ancestor's history have joined
the Clan to get your Summer issue that will come out in June, I believe.
Perhaps right now you are concentrating on the genealogy or Highland part of
clan participation, but eventually you will want to know these things
especially when someone starts asking you questions and you don't have the
right answers.

    The St. Clare article will be the second one in a series of 4 or 5
concerning the Norman years of our ancestry.  It should be the first one
chronologically because, of course, Clare lived before Rollo but their lives
did overlap whether they ever saw each other is not possible to say.  My aim
in doing this series is to help people see the flow of history and how it is
interrelated to events around it.  Too often we read of an isolated event or
person but never see how this fits into history so that you get the feeling
for cause and effect.
    I hope also that people will realize that you can judge or predict
history based upon our experiences of today.  For instance I don't think any
of us would gather our neighbors and jump in our frail canoes and go down to
Mexico and raid it's coasts.  Or all the people of Grand Junction, CO be so
moved by their religeous convictions that they would journey to Quebec to
save whatever from the invasion of the Eskimoes.  Silly examples and don't
try to read something in between the lines.  The point is we feel so
differently about life that we can never really understand the deep
motivations of our ancestors.  You can get a little feeling for this when we
see the result of the  ancient hatred of the Albanians and Kosovoins that
really goes far far back to some really brutal events.
    I Found a statement in my St. Margaret book that Malcolm was almost 40
years old when he married Margaret in 1070 so that would put it right around
1030 as your date did also.  I think that new evidence tends towards
Ingibjoig being the daughter of Jarl Thorfinn.  From my "A History of the
Vikings"  The point of these dates being that  Margaret returned from
Hungary in 1057 as a 11 year old.  There were 11 years spent in England then
before she went to Scotland.  And on the second time to Scotland 1070 she
was FORCED to marry Malcolm.  Now that should stir up the Scottish blood.  I
expect the doorbell to ring any minute and there will be one of our fierce
clansman with his claymore to "change my mind".  So that will be the Spring
article next year.  Many conflicting dates and information to sort out in
the meantime but it will be a much much better story than the one you have
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>> 1.  The former name of the village of St. Clare, France.
>Good question.  I don't know the answer, although I suspect it is that
>the village had no previous name because it grew up around the saint's
>martyr site.
>But the previous name of Normandy was Neustria.
>> 2. The Birthdate of Malcom Canmore.  Perhaps you can find a statement
>> he was such and such an age at a certain date from which a birth date
>> be calculated?
>About 1031.
>That seems to be the generally accepted approximate birthdate for Malcolm
>> 3.  Anything you have about his marriage to Ingibiorg or anyone else
>>before  Margaret.
>Same URL lists his marriage to Ingibjorg, but doesn't give a source.
>There is a vague reference to her in
> http://netmedia.co.uk/history/week-14/index.html
>This one says that King Duncan II was son of that couple:
> http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/rterry1/d47836.htm
>And indeed, checking some of the usual royal genealogy databases,
>that is what is shown. Her father is given as Finn Arnasson.
>For example,
> http://ftp.cac.psu.edu/genealogy/royal/r41.html
>also says she was previously married to Jarl Thorfinn of Orkney.
>To follow Finn Arnasson's line back, try
> http://www.worldroots.com/ged/pomer/dat126.html#6
>> 4.  What date are you finding for his marriage to Margaret?
>1069, from above URL.
>> 5.  Also looking for date of death for William the Seemly.  I have Pete's
>> date from his book of William dying 1070.  Is that what you find from
>>your resources?
>The only death date I have for him is that 1070 from Pete.
>Many of Pete's dates he inferred from what evidence he could find,
>such as birth dates of children.  I don't know what source he had
>for that one.
>> -Laurel

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