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Re: To all of you


>According to the Morrison book there was already a baronial castle there at
>this village around which was some sort of village which would have supplied
>its needs.  Perhaps the village was there before the castle--but that I
>don't need to know.  I'm sure it had a name before Clare got there.  Thanks
>for the Neustria.  I' ll see whether I can get Sindy to insert that into the
>St. Clare, the Headless Hermit article coming out in the Fall.

Sounds good.  There are reams of historical information about Neustria,
going all the way back to the Roman Empire, in which Neustria originated
as a church province.  It was later at various times part of the kingdoms of
various Merovingians and Capetians.

>  Hope all of
>you who are even the least interested in your ancestor's history have joined
>the Clan to get your Summer issue that will come out in June, I believe.
>Perhaps right now you are concentrating on the genealogy or Highland part of
>clan participation, but eventually you will want to know these things
>especially when someone starts asking you questions and you don't have the
>right answers.

Let me second that.  One of the most interesting things about Sinclair
history to me is how it is not only astonishingly ancient, but it also
is woven into the major events of most of the centuries since about 800 A.D.
This gives it a density and extent both in itself and as a perspective
for viewing more general history that is hard to match.

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