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Outstanding Sinclairs--Include regional sketches?

I like the idea of the web page featuring outstanding Sinclairs--although I 
am not the one to do it at this time.  However, it is an idea that might 
blend with the concept of a regional, country-by-country, or state-by-state 
sketch that mentions both the first Sinclairs to arrive as well as a capsule 
summary of major Sinclair lines.

We have had mention of Captain Francis Sinclair of NZ recently.  Was he the 
first Sinclair in New Zealand? Is that distinction known?  What about 
Australia?  Who was first? and what were the major lines?

For Hawaii it seems clear that Francis's widow, Elizabeth McHutchinson 
Sinclair and her family, the Thomas Gays and the Charles Barrington Robinsons 
and her three unmarried children, James, Francis, and Anne Sinclair were both 
the first to arrive and a major Sinclair line that carries through right to 
the present.

I am sure many would contribute material if someone has the expertise to do 
the page.

Kailua, Hawaii
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