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Re: Will you check your reference books?

> 1.  The former name of the village of St. Clare, France.

Good question.  I don't know the answer, although I suspect it is that
the village had no previous name because it grew up around the saint's
martyr site.

But the previous name of Normandy was Neustria.

> 2. The Birthdate of Malcom Canmore.  Perhaps you can find a statement
> he was such and such an age at a certain date from which a birth date
> be calculated?

About 1031.


That seems to be the generally accepted approximate birthdate for Malcolm

> 3.  Anything you have about his marriage to Ingibiorg or anyone else
>before  Margaret.

Same URL lists his marriage to Ingibjorg, but doesn't give a source.

There is a vague reference to her in

This one says that King Duncan II was son of that couple:

And indeed, checking some of the usual royal genealogy databases,
that is what is shown. Her father is given as Finn Arnasson.
For example,
also says she was previously married to Jarl Thorfinn of Orkney.

To follow Finn Arnasson's line back, try

> 4.  What date are you finding for his marriage to Margaret?

1069, from above URL.

> 5.  Also looking for date of death for William the Seemly.  I have Pete's
> date from his book of William dying 1070.  Is that what you find from
>your resources?

The only death date I have for him is that 1070 from Pete.
Many of Pete's dates he inferred from what evidence he could find,
such as birth dates of children.  I don't know what source he had
for that one.

> -Laurel

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