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Re: Connections with Portugal??

    I am not totally clear about whether you know about Prince Henry's
connection to Columbus?  It is explained on the website.
    You might want to get a copy of "The Light and the Glory" by Peter
Marshall, JR. and David Manuel.  Peter is the son of Peter Marshall who was
the chaplin of the US Congress/Senate during the 1950's.  He was from
Scotland and a wonderful movie was made about his life called "A Man Called
Peter".  It's a good one to rent.  One of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands played
the part.  His wife Catherine wrote many Christian books.  Anyway,
    A few years ago during the 600th celebration planning time, Peter Jr.
came to Portland for a series of speaking engagements and to promote this
book.  It has a large chapter concerning Columbus and part of his talk was
about Columbus' real motivation for his voyages (based on what Columbus
himself wrote and not what people said about him long afterwards) that are
left out of the text books because they aren't "politically correct".  I
spoke to him at a couple of intermissions and passed our Columbus connection
info to him with the hopes that this might somehow benefit him or our
    The book is sort of an auxillary text book for Christian schools that
are still allowed to discuss the tremendous motivation that their beliefs
had on them.  I found the chapter on Jamestown reallly interesting.

    There is another resource on this that I have loaned out.  If you live
near a good sized shop that carries a lot of Scottish books, they probably
sell the paper backed Elite Series.  There is one about Knights which
includes our Templar Knights and the Knights of Christ in Portugal.  When
the Knights Templars dispersed, some went to Portugal and were absorbed into
the Knights of Christ.  Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama were
Knights of Christ.  I believe that if most of the treasury went to Scotland,
these other Knights groups would have kept tabs on them and indeed there
seems to be a network that continued for a long time.
    It has always seemed interesting that shipwrecked Columbus was picked up
off the coast of Ireland and taken to the Orkneys where he would have for
sure learned about Prince Henry's voyage 90 years before, if he didn't
already know. (Boy! that's a poorly constructed sentence)  Then it seems
like he wasted little time going down to the Madeira Is. where he married
his wife, granddaughter of the explorers (probably knights) who discovered
the Madeira Is.  She is the one who by way of a few marriage connections was
related to Prince Henry's grandson.
I learned in this book that Columbus had red hair.  So there is another
connection to his viking ancestors.  But the book doesn't excuse his
treatment of the Indians at all, in fact he is doubly condemned because he
was supposed to have been on such a high mission for God.
    After listening to the lecture during the 600th celebration about the
Newport tower, I was wondering whether some of those Portugese Templars
might have been in the Scottish group that built it and Prince Henry went
that direction to try to find their colony.  This is 100% speculation but
this subject has yet to be figured out so who knows what twists and turns it
might take eventually.
Well my husband is home and I haven't anything on the table.

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>They may have made the same mistake that a cousin of
>mine made.  We were discussing Prince Henry
>Sinclair's voyage to the New World and her child
>popped out with "Did he have anything to do with
>Prince Henry the Navigator?"  Prince Henry the
>Navigator of Portugal funded explorers such as
>Magellan much later than Prince Henry Sinclair did -
>by about 2 centuries if my faulty memory is not
>failing me.  The strange side of all this is that on
>my father's side of the family (non-Sinclair) there
>was one Christophe Colomb from Corbeille, France who
>married Francoise Bringier of White Hall Plantation
>and subsequently of Bocage Plantation (her father's
>wedding present) up-river from New Orleans in about
>1800.  He claimed descent from Christopher Columbus,
>but since records were destroyed during the French
>Revolution we have never been able to prove or
>disprove the association, which I don't think would
>be anything to be proud of anyway, considering recent
>discoveries regarding the original Christopher that
>have come to light such as treatment of the native
>population, etc.
>Sorry to stray so far from the subject, but couldn't
>resist adding in a little personal vignette.
>---CMelahn@aol.com wrote:
>> Someone recently was telling me that there was some
>type of connection
>> between the Sinclair family and Portugal.  Has
>anyone heard anything along
>> these lines?  Were they thinking of a marriage
>perhaps?  They were very hazy
>> as to the exact reason they sensed a connection,
>but the idea seemed
>> interesting enough that I decided to refer it to
>the group.  Portugal
>> connections for Sinclair/St. Clair?
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