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Fw: "Templars in Portugal"

OK, here is the information from the Augustan web site.  Go there through our FAQ's and order it off the reprint form.
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From: Robert Cleve <rcleve@sprynet.com>
To: laurel@spiritone.com <laurel@spiritone.com>
Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 4:14 PM
Subject: "Templars in Portugal"

Dear Laurel Fechner:

The reprint is #20 on reprint list #1 (not included on our site). Reprint list #1 may be requested from The Augustan Society, Inc., either via our site or by mail to the mailing address in Daggett. Thanks for your continued interest in our work.

Rodney Hartwell, KtB(Y),
Administrative Director
The Augustan Society, Inc.


Robert L. Cleve, PhD, OAE, NN
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