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Re: NZ Sinclairs

Pigeon bay has since I was 2 years old been a popularn family 
destination, I go there every few weeks now and love the place.
As for Mount Sinclair I climbed at in the christmas holidays.
I have read many books and articles on the Sinclair family from 
Pigeon Bay, I was and always will be facinated by their story. I have 
articles and book excerts about the family and the tragic story of 
Captain Sinclair and his wife Elizabeth, and I also beleive Thomas 
Gay died in some what tragic circumstances. I am in contact with a 
descedant in Hawaii whose great great great? grandmother was Helen 
Sinclair who married C.B Robinson. He sent me a book on the family 
history called 'Stories of long ago' by Ida Elizabeth Knudsen Von 
Holt who was a Sinclair descendant. It was first printed in 1953.
I have stacks of information because when ever I do archive searches 
in my area of Sinclairs I come across more info on the Pigeon Bay 
branch. I also think I have a photo of pigeon bay scanned into the 
 Ask me anything on these people and I will endeavor to find an 
At one stage my g,g,g, grandfather William Sinclair was surveying 
property for Mrs Elizabeth Sinclair. I discovered that while reading 
old letters in national archives. 

I think that you are looking for Captain Francis Sinclair no george. 
Francis son of Sir George Sinclair.
>George Sinclair of Prestonpans was in the British Royal Navy. He 
married a 
>Elizabeth McHutcheson (1800-1893) b. Glasgow.
>George had a brother (1797-1846) that lived in Sterling, 
>George and Elizabeth moved to New Zealand 1840. In 1843 they moved 
to Pigeon 
>Bay. There were 6 children: Helen b.1827, Jean b.1829, Francis b. 
1834, Anne 
>b. 1839, George b. ?,d. 1846.

I think george was the child lost at sea with his father.  

>Jean married a Captain Thomas Gay, born in Scotland, British 
Merchant Marine. 

I beleive captain gay died in tragic cricumstances either in or near 
>They moved to Hawaii.
>Seems that this whole family has just disappeared as Kerry cannot 
find any 
>information on them.

Depending on what information is wanted there has been some much on 
this family.  I thought that there was heaps of family still in 
Hawaii and there is still the Gay and Robinson sugar cane works I 
I hope I can be of lot's more help.
Sincerely, Jenny Coster
North Canterbury, New Zealand 

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