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N Z Sinclair`s

Jenny & Gary,
 The history of the Hay & Sinclair  settlers is recorded in the
publication, Stories of Banks Peninsula by H. G. Jacobson 3rd. edition
Akaroa August 1, 1914.   Jenny may have already contacted  Philip
Sinclair Keat who is a decendent of the Pidgeon Bay family but Garry for
your information he can be contacted at <Pakala@aol.com> according the
record the men left their families at Wellington and sailed to find a
suitable site and looked at the peninsula then went further down  the
coast to Port Chalmers to check the fertile Taieri plains. They missed
the port and landed at an area known as Anderson Bay which is now a
suburb of Dunedin (the scotties had not arrived then)  returned back up
the coast and landed at Pidgeon Bay whereMr. Sinclair (his first name is
not given) said this is it Mr. Hay agreed and with their families and
Four head of cattle established a settlement. Mr. Sinclair establishing
their farm at an area known as Holmes`s Bay. I think that is enough
history to tempt you into further research. By the way Mr. Sinclair and
his son drowned when taking dairy produce to Wellington and is probably
the first recorded shipment of farm produce from the South Island.
         Roy Sinclair
                Dunedin  OTAGO
                        New Zealand

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