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NZ Sinclairs

I am Gary D. Sinclair, a Commissioner for Clan Sinclair in Northern 
California. On April 24 and 25, we had an information tent at the Sacramento 
Valley Scottish Highland Games and we were very busy each day.
A Kerry Gay came to the tent and asked if we could help with his family. He 
mentioned several names like Pigeon Bay and Mt. Sinclair, and I knew I had 
heard of them somewhere. Thus, I am asking the NZ Sinclairs if they have any 
information on the following:
George Sinclair of Prestonpans was in the British Royal Navy. He married a 
Elizabeth McHutcheson (1800-1893) b. Glasgow.
George had a brother (1797-1846) that lived in Sterling, Craigsforth)
George and Elizabeth moved to New Zealand 1840. In 1843 they moved to Pigeon 
Bay. There were 6 children: Helen b.1827, Jean b.1829, Francis b. 1834, Anne 
b. 1839, George b. ?,d. 1846.
Jean married a Captain Thomas Gay, born in Scotland, British Merchant Marine. 
They moved to Hawaii.
Seems that this whole family has just disappeared as Kerry cannot find any 
information on them.
Should any of our NZ Sinclairs know of any of these names I would appreciate 
a direct email so that I can mail to Kerry.
Gary D. Sinclair, Concord, CA
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