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Re: Parents of Archibald Sinclair

MargieH337@aol.com wrote:
> > John: Thanks ever so much for the info, I just might have the evidence that
> this is the family I'm for which I am looking (except for the fact that you
> listed Archibald's birth being 1884 & my Archibald died in 1886 at the age of
> 50 according to a newspaper clipping that was in the family bible that my
> grandmother had).

***==> Please re-read my note. The date date stated for Archibald b was

 Of course there were a lot of discrepancies back in those
> days as my grandmother said that she was 5 when her father died & she was
> born in 1882; she also said that she was 5-6 when she & her mother, brothers
> & sister went to the states & wrote that they went in 1890. I found amongst
> some of my grandmother's papers a short letter that was sent to her brother,
> Samuel Edgar Sinclair, in Robbinsdale, MN, from the office of Sinclair &
> MacDonald, barristers & solicitors, D.C. Sinclair & D.D. MacDonald, New
> Glasgow, NS. It pertained to a cheque that was enclosed in the amount of
> $1.11 that was due him from the estate of the late Angus Sinclair.
==> D.C. Sinclair was Donald Carmichael Sinclair b 10th December 1890,
 son of John H Sinclair, latter being 3rd s/o Donald Sinclair. Donald
was the 5th s/o Alexander Sinclair who m 24 Dec 1841 Jane d/o Donald
MacNeil ...they had 6 children....the 4th being John H who was b 27 May
John H Sinclair was educated in Goshen, Guysborough Academy, and
College. He took a law course in Halifax University and received degree
of LLB...called to bar in January 1880, and began to practise in New
Glasgow, NS

==>Re: The estate of Angus (b 1840)...He was the 7th s/o William
Sinclair,    living at Salt Springs, Pictou County, married and had a
son William.    

> The letter > was dated 3/20/1922, so apparently Angus died sometime in 1921 or early 1922.
> You listed an Angus as being brother to Archibald so thought possibly this
> was the key I needed. What do you think? You also said that William's wife's
> family were MacDonald, so thought that another connection. Being as I am 

==> William's wife Isabel was the 3rd child of John Macdonald and
Grace      Macdonald.  Grace was d/o of Angus Macdonald. John came to NS
about 1802     and  settled at  Beaver Meadow about 1805.  

> ........maybe you can give me a  geography lesson. 

==> New Glasgow has a pop. approx 10K, and is suituated on the East
      in Pictou County. The Scottish festival of the Tartans is held in
      New Glasgow each year in Mid-July.
      In a NNW direction from New Glasgow is Pictou (13km or
8miles..just a
      couple of hrs jaunt to the Northumberland Coast). We refer to
      as "the birthplace of new Scotland" as it was here on September
      15, 1773 that the 1st boatload of Scottish Highlanders arrived on 
      the ship "Hector" (33 families & 25 unmarried men) from Loch
Broom,          SCT.  ...In Mid-August the annual Hector Festival
depicts the landing        of the Hector and features Scottish music,
dance, crafts, etc.
      The Hector National Exhibit Archives has a library of family and 
      community history, church, cemetery and shipping records, vital 
      statistics, local newspapers indexed and on microfilm, also census
      records....You undoubtedly would find a treasure of ancestral
      to copy and retain amongst your family tree memorabilia, should
      ever come to the East Coast for a vacation...attend the
Pictou               Lobster Carnival too !! .... 

  It's interesting to note that some of Alexander's descendants left
   - Yakima, Washington Territory (1879)        
   - American Army (1863)...in several battles of Civil War
   - Rigley, Maryland 
   - Salem, Massachusetts   
   - Fitchburg, Massachusetts
   - North Manchedter Indiana
   - Illinois then Minneapolis in 1874 ..a son J S Clark was prof in
Univ of             Minnesota....Would that be your link ??  :-) 
    Time to take a break, and let you digest some of the above....
    Please forward any other 'clues' that one might be able to expand
       > Again, thanks for the info you sent.
>  Marjorie
     OK...and, thank You for the FUN of looking and sharing amongst our
        John Sinclair
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