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Re: Parents of Archibald Sinclair

Hi Margie

I'll jump in here.  I don't think John is Canadian, but I am, and I have a very
good map of Nova Scotia.  

If you have a map that shows Nova Scotia at all (east of Maine), New Glasgow is
northeast of Halifax (the provincial capital).  Its on the north shore, across 
the Northumberland Strait from the southernmost point of Prince Edward Island.

Rory sinclair, secretary of Clan Sinclair of Canada does sell "The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and Goshen" (Nova Scotia), and it's only $12 plus shipping.  I
have a copy of it, and well worth the money, even though these aren't my Sinclairs.  It has so many names and places, you'll have to read it at least twice to get it straight.  


Toni S.

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