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Re: Parents of Archibald Sinclair

> John: Thanks ever so much for the info, I just might have the evidence that 
this is the family I'm for which I am looking (except for the fact that you 
listed Archibald's birth being 1884 & my Archibald died in 1886 at the age of 
50 according to a newspaper clipping that was in the family bible that my 
grandmother had). Of course there were a lot of discrepancies back in those 
days as my grandmother said that she was 5 when her father died & she was 
born in 1882; she also said that she was 5-6 when she & her mother, brothers 
& sister went to the states & wrote that they went in 1890. I found amongst 
some of my grandmother's papers a short letter that was sent to her brother, 
Samuel Edgar Sinclair, in Robbinsdale, MN, from the office of Sinclair & 
MacDonald, barristers & solicitors, D.C. Sinclair & D.D. MacDonald, New 
Glasgow, NS. It pertained to a cheque that was enclosed in the amount of 
$1.11 that was due him from the estate of the late Angus Sinclair. The letter 
was dated 3/20/1922, so apparently Angus died sometime in 1921 or early 1922. 
You listed an Angus as being brother to Archibald so thought possibly this 
was the key I needed. What do you think? You also said that William's wife's 
family were MacDonald, so thought that another connection. Being as I am not 
from Canada I don't knnow where New Glasgow is ; maybe you can give me a 
geography lesson.            > Again, thanks for the info you sent.           
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