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Re: Dukes of Normandy

>Question:  a few years ago I was sent the name of William Long Sword as the
>name of Rollo's son but now I am seeing it as William Long beard.  And what
>was the nickname for the 3rd Duke of Normandy, Richard ________ .  Did the
>4th Duke have a nickname?  How about the 5th Duke Richard?  Then we know the
>6th Duke was Robert the Devil and his son the 7th Duke William the
>Bastard/Conqueror.  Who was the cousin of our William the Seemly.

The Norman descent of the Barons of Roslin:
 Rogenvald ``the Mighty'' Jarl of Orkney
 Rollo ``the Ganger'' First Duke of Normandy
 William ``the Longsword'' Second Duke of Normandy
 Richard I ``the Fearless'' Third Duke of Normandy
 Richard II ``the Good'' Fourth Duke of Normandy
 Archbishop Malgar of St. Clair
 Walderne of St. Clair
 William ``the Holy'' Sinclair Baron of Roslin

Richard II also had two other sons
 Richard III Fifth Duke of Normandy
 Robert ``the Devil or the Magnificient'' Sixth Duke of Normandy

William I ``the Conqueror'' King of England was a son of Robert the Devil.

 Robert II Duke of Normandy was a son of the Conqueror.

Thus Walderne and William the Conqueror were first cousins.
and Henry Baron of Roslin and Robert II Duke of Normandy were second cousins.

That Henry's descendant Prince Henry Sinclair First Sinclair Earl of Orkney
was also descended from Rogenvald through his mother.

For far more detail about Rollo's descendants, look in
for the several genealogies of him.

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