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Malcolm Caithness??

    More questions about names.
    It was just recently that I noticed Malcolm's last name was Caithness.
I guess that is pretty unobservant.  So I know the area named Caithness.  Is
this the shortened version of Malcolm of Caithness?  If so, is his name
legally Caithness?
    Now I don't want to cause trouble with this next question, it is just to
help me understand the situation, and know he isn't about to take over
another territory, But, if he hypothetically got possession of Rosslyn,
would he then be Malcom Rosslyn?  Is there someone named ____Rosslyn?   Was
his father called  _____Caithness?  How long has the name been in the
family?  Are his kids named Caithness? Why isn't he Malcolm Sinclair?

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