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Hornblower book available to all

So I looked again on the Powell Books website for the book "Life & Times of
Horatio Hornblower" by C. Northcot Pa rkinson  which was in the Popular
Fiction dept.  but it wasn't listed.  I learned from a phone call that they
only update their listings every 24-48 hrs. so what I saw last night was
already sold.  BUT it is a reprint (I think paperback) bor $10.95 and they
ordered one for me.  So anyone can order one now.  It seems from Neil's
description that there were pictures in the original but I don't know
whether this will also contain them????  But I don't have to take it they
said, if I don't like it.  But I think I shall.

I see that another company has sent a mail notice to me about the book:
"Queen Emma (St. Clair) and Queen Edith" (w/o Edward the Confessor thus
Edith Swan neck was also Emma's daughter-in-law and sister to King Harold
who was the Saxon king for just about 9 months then defeated by William the
Conqueror).  Our cousins were certainly in the thick of things back then.
Don't you love these names. Edith Swan-neck.  The one I like the most was an
icelandic woman named  _____the deep minded  ummm that doesn't sound just

Question:  a few years ago I was sent the name of William Long Sword as the
name of Rollo's son but now I am seeing it as William Long beard.  And what
was the nickname for the 3rd Duke of Normandy, Richard ________ .  Did the
4th Duke have a nickname?  How about the 5th Duke Richard?  Then we know the
6th Duke was Robert the Devil and his son the 7th Duke William the
Bastard/Conqueror.  Who was the cousin of our William the Seemly.

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