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Re: Astonishing Sinclair history!

Hi all,

There may not have been so many famous Sinclair's in New Zealand, but 
the many who came here as the early settlers they faced so much 
struggle heartach. Yet they loved the simplest things in life and it 
was those simple joys that gave them strength to face all the 
My nana used to tell of her great grandfather building boats in caves 
around the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand. Although there is no 
evidence to prove this I have been to the caves and felt such a sence 
of familarity and a part of the history that the cave holds.

I have always been facinated by the lives of those early Sinclair 
Recently I went on the trail of a Sinclair who died in New Zealand in 
the 1800's and he was buried on the river bed. He was a doctor or a 
Scientist  who died crossing a river.There is a Mt Sinclair named 
after this Sinclair.

There is also the Mount Sinclair named after the the Brave Captain 
Sinclair and his family. Captain Sinclair died in the 1840's I 
believe along with his son on his ship laiden with their and the Hay 
Family produce for the year. They were lost at sea. 
Poor brave Mrs Sinclair was left behind in a desolate New Zealand 
farming area and years later she and the rest of her family sold up 
and went to Hawaii. I had the fortune of making contact with a direct 
descendant of these fine Sinclair's.   

My Sinclair line famous for their fine skills raced and built many 
boats and they are still remembered for it so many generations later.

There is John Sinclair who is credited for the original buildings in 
a rural settlement called Cheviot. 
There are so many Sinclair stories of these brave pioneers in New 
Zealands history.

Just some snipets of Sinclair history in New Zealand. 

Sincerely Jenny Coster
North Canterbury, New Zealand 

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