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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Iris Peppers]

Author:   Iris Peppers 
Reply-to: mailto:peppers@northwood.edu
Location: Sanford, MI USA
Date:     Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Hi fellow researchers! My ST. CLAIR lineage starts with Laura Elizabeth ST. CLAIR who was born 14 April 1884 in Presque Isle Co MI.  She was the daughter of Robert ST. CLAIR and Jeannette CORBETT. The other children were: Austin, Andrew, William, Audre? and an unnamed child who was stillborn. The living brothers were all older than Laura, being born from 1870 -1877. Robert ST. CLAIR was born 8 Dec 1847 in MI?  He died in Presque Isle Co MI on 9 Jan 1919. His death record and obituary did not give his parents names.  1880, 1900 and 1910 census records listed his father as being born in Canada or in Scotland on some of them.  Am at a real dead end on this family.  The children mostly lived in the Upper Peninsula of MI and the Northeast portion of Lower MI.  If anyone may link up to this family, please contact me. Am glad to share the info I have.  This is a wonderful web site!

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