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Re: Astonishing Sinclair history!

It Would be a very good thing I think.
A lot of Honesty and and Fortitude in that office is long past due; be 
it Andrew Jackson (a bit Scot?) or Teddy Roosevelt. 

>Dear Cousins,
>    This job is so much fun and it is because of all of you.  I know 
>are some silent ones lurking about that haven't spoken up but one of 
>days we'll hear from you also, I bet.
>    It seems like the Sinclairs/St. Clairs  were everywhere during
>historical times:
>They were descendants of Vikings,
>They beat Columbus to this hemisphere by 94 years.
>and were Counts, Dukes, Queens, Kings, Prime Minister in Australia,
>About 8 of them accompanied another one named William the Conqueror 
to the
>Battle of Hastings
>They were hard working soldiers, sailors, wives, and grandmas.
>Since so many made up the Royalty and relatives of the monarchy of 
>there must have been Sinclairs at all of their battles
>Many in Rev. war on both sides-Generals to privates
>They were trappers and workers with the Hudsons Bay Co.
>I suppose the War of 1812 had its share
>Were there any at the Alamo?
>Do we have some Gold Rush stories?
>I heard one was with Custer, where is the story on that?  Don't quote 
>until we dig it up again.
>Of course the Civil War
>And as short a span of time as the Pony Express covered, we had a 
>manage to participate also in that also.
>How about the Spanish American War?
>One was a mysterious Earl living in ND
>Any on the Titanic?
>Industrialists, oil men, politicians, musicians, writers
>Isn't it time for a President Sinclair/St. Clair.  Ha
>I would like to see a few more entires on this list for Sinclair 
women..  I
>know I've left out many catagories.  But think about those 
>ancestors.  We will capture their stories eventually, so don't go 
>And then we had the question about apparitions in the Sinclair 
>Well, let me tell you, when we get all this collected you are going 
to see
>that in this area our ghosts have not shirked their duty also!
>    Still waiting to see whether anyone has the "White Lady" story.

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