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Need Help

Ian Sinclair - Noss Head: I am taking this route to ask for help.
I have your Email address somewhere in all this mess I call my office, but . 
. .
In 1996, Niven sent me a beautiful book titled"Caithness FROM THE AIR." I 
have had it displayed at all of the Highland Games since receiving it. It is 
becoming rather worn about the edges. I need a new book.
I have the address for a :
Mrs Kay (Sinclair) Dunnett
The Shieling
Loch Calder
Thurso, Caithness
as an address to send for the publication. I cannot find a cost.
Would you be so kind as to ring up Mrs Dunnett and find a cost, American, for 
this booklet and if there are any remaining? Also, what would be the posting 
to California to be included. It is appreciated.
Gary D. Sinclair, Concord, CA

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