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Re: Fw: The Sinclair's March

>>>From Rory Sinclair of the Canadian Clan Sinclair

Rory's text, including some additional he sent, is now in the web pages.
Follow the treble clef under New on the main page:

There are crosslinks from there to related items in the FAQ, the glossary,
and the Clan Sinclair Canada page.

Look under Books for copious new information about Sinclair books
from Rory Sinclair, Richard Lower, Ian G. Sinclair, Laurel, and others.
All of the previously unlocated books that Ed Brumby was wondering about
are now located, except one.  And for Jean Grigsby's books, there is
a link to the list of them on Paul Sinclair's web pages.

There's some new text from Richard Lower on the Genealogy page.

Plus Laurel continues her extensive work on the FAQ, which continues
to grow rapidly with contributions from all of you.

Send in your ideas about what to put on these web pages;
many of them will get incorporated.

Keep in mind that these web pages were never intended to be the only
Sinclair web pages.  They are more of an overview that should over time
increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere. Send in URLs for
your own web pages; I will add links to them.

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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