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An addition to Laurel's list

osaltsandy@thurston.com This is an addition to Laurel's great run down of Sinclair/St Clair short history.  Yes, there  was a US President St Clair.  This information came from a book of little known facts entitled SPIRIT OF AMERICA    Essay NO. 9 BY Dan Valentine.   Because there was an 8 year gap between the founding of our nation and the ratification of the Constitution ( 1781-1789) there were 8 people who held the position of elected president before George Washington. Each of those years the president of the US Continental Congress was the prime authority of the nation.  They were elected for one year.  Those men in order were: 1. John Hansen 2. Richard Henry Lee 3. Elias Boudinot 4. Thomas Mifflin 5. John Hancock 6.Nathaniel Gorhan 7.ARTHUR ST. CLAIR  (Who was also the Gen Arthur St. Clair)  8.Cyrus Griffin and then in 1789 George Washington.                
                         Sandy Sinclair (old retired history teacher from Olympia Washington)