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web mentions in Yours Aye


In the latest Yours Aye, I noticed some acknowledgements of work on Sinclair
web pages.  I would also like to commend these people for their Sinclair
web material:

Paul Sinclair, for his longstanding history and genealogy pages,
and for the guestbook and mailing list archive search pages.

Gary M. Sinclair, for his Grafton, Mass. pages, his picture of the Chief,
for alerting us to the existence of the Sauniere Society, and for
many FAQ items.

Rosslyn Chapel Trust, for the web pages about the Chapel at the heart
of the Sinclair mythos.

Laurel, for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and numerous suggestions
about organization of the web pages, plus her work on the glossary.

P. Sinclair, for illustrations of needed improvement in the web pages
about the discussion list.

Gary D. Sinclair, for information about two big California Highland Games,
and for many FAQ items.

Jean Grigsby, for her genealogical web pages.

Bob Branshaw, for finding the link to Michigan in the Civil War.

Robert Cooper, for the addresses of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Robert Lower, for much bibliographical information and many FAQ items.

Ken W. Sinclair, for his pages about places named Sinclair around Canada
and the world.

Richard Huseth, for his Images of Scotland.

Ian Sinclair of Noss Head Lighthouse in Caithness, for his writeup
about the Sinclair Lineage, and for teaching us what a bothy is.

Jean Haddow, for keeping us honest about Scotland from a Scot's

Mattie, for her dap'ifer.

Ed Brumby, for pointing out some interesting books to locate.

Michelle Dragstedt, for her old Georgia Sinclair pictures.

Patrick Quarterman, for converting formats on Michelle's pictures.

Cameron Sinclair, for his old Sinclair picture.

Michelle Brown, for her pictures of castles Girnigoe and Sinclair.

Gretchen Phillips, for her pictures of Rosslyn Chapel, of castles
Girnigoe and Sinclair, and of Old St. Peter's Church in Thurso.

Thurso High School, for its maps and satellite images of Caithness.

Joe Greigg, for the link to the Scottish music pages, and the links to

Darwin Ramsey, for the link to the Catholic Encyclopedia Online.

Bob Stevens, for his pictures and text about Major General Arthur St. Clair.

Kristin Hussein, for the many web links she found about Rollo the Viking.

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard, Ph.D., for his comments about Ganger-Rolf.

David Sinclair Bouschor, for various sage comments.

Jutul Films, for the web page of the chronology of Prince Henry Sinclair.

Rob Cohn, (and Bill Sinclair and Kathleen Kidd) for the picture
Malcolm, Earl of Caithness viewing the Monument in Guysborough, NS.

Philip Sinclair Keat (Pakala) for his pages about Hawaii Sinclairs.

Mike St. Clair for his Missouri Sinclair pages and an image of the
Sinclair badge.

Mel Sinclair, for his Union County, South Carolina web pages.

Anne of Blue Poppy, for another Sinclair badge image.

Rick Sinclair, for his Sinclair web pages.

David Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Society in Scotland for their addresses.

Brad Barker, President of Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. (U.S.A.)
for his periodic greetings.

Mary Selver, for the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. commissioner list and
membership application and renewal forms.

David L. Quarterman, for filling in mamny of he gaps in the U.S.A. pages.

Rory Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Association Canada for their addresses.

Dawn Sinclair Hemeon of Clan Sinclair Society Nova Scotia for information
about their 600th Celebration events.

Neil St. Clair of Prince Henry Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia for
information about it.

John Olin of Clann Gunn for long-term cooperation.

And of course the late Pete Cummings for his 600th Celebration News,
for his article about tracing your ancestors, and for many
bibliographic citations.

No doubt there are others whom I have neglected to name.

Keep in mind that the web pages at http://www.mids.org/sinclair/
were never intended to be the only Sinclair web pages. They are more of
an overview that should over time increasingly use links into other
pages elsewhere. Send in URLs for your own web pages; I will add links
to them.  The more the merrier.  The beauty of the web is that many
hands can make light work that can be woven together.

In addition, the web pages I started about specific organizations are
placeholders.  I look forward to the corresponding organizations
developing their own web pages, when I will link to them.  I
congratulate Richard Huseth and Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. U.S.A.
for being among the first to fly the nest.

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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