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Fwd: 2000 celebration

This note was sent to me from Elaine Fowler.  Perhaps a few of us could send 
a letter to catch the interest of National Geographic.  I think it is a great 


Dear Mary,

Came across this article.  Thought you might like to write them also. If
you know anyway to get more people to write, may be National Geographic
Traveler, would get involved.

P.O. Box 11
South Hero, Vt. 05486
802 372 4557
fax 802 372 3025
email: ilander@together.net
April 10, 1999

National Geographic Traveler
Keith Bellows, editor
1145 17th St. N. W.
Washington, DC 20036 4688

Dear Editor:

Do I have a suggestion for Melissa Fossi's journey!  It will be a great
adventure through time, history,  beautiful countryside, and on
islands.  It has all the makings for a great feature article in your

The story begins over 600 years ago.  A milestone will occur next year
in the summer of 2000 in Caithness, Scotland, with the dedication of the
Prince Henry Sinclair library being converted from a lighthouse, near
the Sinclair Castle, will take place.  This saga will take the readers
from Roslin, Scotland near Edinborough, to the Orkney Islands, to
Guysborough, Nova Scotia, looking for hidden treasures in other parts of
Nova Scotia, to Westford, Massachusetts, to Newport, Rhode Island.
These locations represent places where evidences have been found
supporting the adventures of this Scottish medieval knight who came to
the New World, 100 years before Christopher Columbus.  Covering one spot
or all the spots could make for a series of articles.  Much research has
been done documenting this expedition and explorer.  One good source,
available at Amazon.com, is Frederick Pohl's book, "Prince Henry
Sinclair, His Expedition to the New World in 1398."

Not only will your readers enjoy the lushness of the scenery but will
also have an opportunity to get an inside look into the House of Lords,
in London and to go a  Scottish Highland game in northern Scotland next
summer.  Sound intriguing.   Please call me for more details of how your
reporter could, "get under the surface of destinations, to capture their
essence and engage their inhabitants."

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Elaine Sinclair Fowler

Take gentle care.