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Lord Sinclairs family papers

For those interested in detailed searches into Sinclair History, the family
papers of Lord Sinclair are held at the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh,
under the ref GD328.
There will be an index to the papers, which will slpit them into letters,
wills, estate records, etc. I am not sure of the date span of these. Papers
like these sometimes give tenant records, disputes, family letters from sons
in the army or abroad etc. They usually make interesting reading. Sometimes
a local library, Inverness in this case, keeps a copy of the index. This is
not usually on display, but is kept by the archivist. You can request to
look at it. Although Edinburgh is remote for some, at least the papers are
in good hands. Some local archives have been accidentally destroyed! The
National register of Archives, London, has an on line index for family
papers, but it will only give the GD number, not the detailed index. I
intend to have a look at GD 328 in the near future.
Hope this is of interest
Ed in Scotland

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