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book I have

FYI---I remembered last night at bedtime
that I have 2 huge volumnes of "History
of the World with all its Great
Sensations together with its Mighty and
Decisive Battles and the Rise And Fall
of its Nations" copyrighted 1887. The
info in these two works is immense
starting with Asia and pre-history. I
did a quick scan on Scotland last night
and found much info and how it all
intermixed with the other countries
through time.
Time permiiting, I could look up certain
historical info if you have specific
questions. But remember, I have 4
children that I homeschool so time is a
precios commodity at our house. My
parents are coming to town for a few
days so I may be off the net for a
I appreciate all of you who are so
studious and share your info!!!

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