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March "Yours Aye" Newsletter

Unsolicited Compliments to CLAN SINCLAIR:

I just received the March 1999 issue of "Yours Aye", the Clan Sinclair Assn.
quarterly newsletter. The new format is very impressive, and it looks like
it contains a lot of good reading. I was thinking of dropping my membership,
but the new newsletter changed my mind. Articles I am looking forward to
reading include:

- Sinclair Connections with Norway by Niven Sinclair
- More News on the Norwegian Connection by Iain Laird
- David Leask's New CD Salutes Prince Henry
- Knights Templar & Rossylyn
- a tribute to H. S. "Pete" Cummings, Clan Historian
- a new children's page, including "Today's News: Prince Henry Sinclair
Returns from the New World" by Caitlin Zon, grade 3, age 8

I would encourage all Sinclair researchers to join the Assn. if only to get
the newsletter. Membership fees are: $15.00 (one person), $20.00 (Family)
and $35.00 (Sponsor). I'm sure the details are available on the Clan
Sinclair web site:

The address on the newsletter is:

Clan Sinclair Association (USA)
3211 Big Woods Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(Membership dues are sent to a different address on a Membership Application

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