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Bits and pieces

TO MYRA P.  (sorry, I misplaced your email address, so I'll send it through
this discussion group).  The last time I wrote you, I suggested that there might
be a Peter Sinclair in your line, who was the lodgekeeper for the Duke of Argyll
in the 1750s.  Well, there is a group of us who are researching Argyll Sinclairs, and just this week, I heard from 2 people regarding this Peter.
If you think this is your ancestor, and want to follow up on this, you
could write to: The Argyll Estates, The Factors Office, Inverary, Argyll, Scotland.  

I also heard from a woman I met at the Sinclair Gathering in Toronto.  She sent
me all sorts of Sinclair info, with a note asking if I had a copy of the research done on the above Peter.  I phoned her tonight, and although she doesn't have it herself, she said she would phone me back with the details.

The same lady had some information about  a Duncan Sinclair who died in New Orleans in July, 1902, leaving sisters Alexina McBurney, Margaret Sinclair, and Marion Sinclair.  Apparently he was buried in Brampton, Ontario cemetery.

Then a Neil Sinclair, probably this Duncan's nephew, from Memphis Ten., came up
after the 2nd World War to visit.

I just thought if anyone was looking for Duncan, and wondered where he came from
or where he went, this might shed some light for you.


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