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I recommend this book

Dear Cousins,
    I just finished a tremendously interesting book, "Saratoga" by Richard
M. Ketchum.  You know Mother's and Father's day is coming up.  Why not put
this on your wish list.  There is so much in there concerning Gen. Arthur
St. Clair that will interest you but mostly you will be inspired as you read
of the great battles of Ticonderoga, Bennington, and Saratoga.  So much has
been left out of our history books.  As I read the last paragraph, I was one
big goose bump.  Sounds silly but is truthful.  I mean it to illustrate how
well it is written right down to the last period.
Thanks Alice and Martin for recommending it.  Now I have to go back to
Benedict Arnold and finish it.  That won't end on such an inspiring note,
I'm afraid.

While I'm on the subject of recommending books, I'll tell you about one that
made a difference early in my life concerning my feelings for history.  It's
called "A Child's History of the World" by V. M. Hillyer.  Don't know
whether it is even still in print.  But the story of Rollo is in there (as a
child I never realized he was my ancestor and until 2 weeks ago had not
looked the story up again, although I still remembered since 1948 the
cartoon with the story.  I had thought through the years it was about King
Alfred and some Vikings because I never had heard of Rollo until linking up
with the Sinclairs.
If you can get your hands on this book, and start reading it to your young
kids and grandkids, they will, with your new backgrounds in corrected
history (Leif Erickson, Prince Henry Sinclair, the Templar network, etc.)
will really enjoy history.

I have maybe confused most of you in the last paragraph, but I don't want to
give away any more details of a  story that will appear in the Summer Yours
Aye (Clan Quarterly) about Rollo.


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