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Re: AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Margaret Stokes]

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Hello Margaret,
                     This is cousin Donald Sinclair in San Rafael, California,
who visited you several years ago, and your Mum & Dad had a gathering of the
Clan for us.
Hope all goes well with you.  My knowledge of our family is pretty much what
John George had researched in Edinburgh.  I would like to know more about
Donald's family in New York.  We were visited by his son Donald many years ago
and lost touch with his family after he died.  He only had daughters and
believe she married a Van Ness, but not sure.  Perhaps we can help in some
way, but don't expect miracles.  It is nice to be in touch with you.  Your Mum
and Dad are in touch as are the N.Z., Taits and the Sydney Taits, and of
course John & Janette in Brisbane.
Our e-mail is djhsmfs@aol.com.  All the best to you and family,  Donald.