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Thin Skins

Don't take the discussion to heart. 
I was one of the "Thin Skinned" Clan members and would like to explain what my position was.
The subject line of the initial message was "MURDER"
A little inflammatory don't you think?
Having followed the thread of the message and not wanting to start it up again (beating a dead horse and all) The writer was within his rights to ask as were all who responded.
Most of the responses , mine included, were from people who have actually met and spoken to our Clan Chief.  Had the writer approached the subject in a less Tabloid like manner, I would not have had a problem.
Malcolm Sinclair is a very likeable person.  When my family and I met him in New Hampshire last year, he treated us like family.  He took the time to get to know us and with all the people he met that weekend, he was kind enough to take the time and remember our names.  This gave me a connection to him.
My son is 11 years old and my daughter is 15.  They were impressed with all of the Clan Sinclair members they met.  The Clan Commissioners from Rhode Island are Ian & Frances Sinclair.  My daughter commented that they treated her like a member of the family at their first meeting.  For a 15 year to feel this way in today's America is a wonderful thing.
These are the type of people I have met in Clan Sinclair.
I can not tell from your E mail address where you are from.  If there are Highland Games in your area, I urge you to attend a few.  Go to the Clan Sinclair Tent and meet the people there.  If you find that you are not welcomed, which I think is unlikely, then maybe you should not join the Clan Association.  I think you will find you will want to join and after joining, I feel you will be happy you did.
Just the opinion of one and I hope to meet you at a Sinclair tent this year.
Yours Aye,
Gary M. Sinclair